So Fast It's Frightening! for Virgin Media

We were hired by Black Sheep Studios to design and create zombie and mummy characters for a series of GIFs as part of an online social media campaign.

Zombie Monster Prosthetics Make-up
Mummy Monster Costume and Special Effects Make-up

 Worse Than It Seems for GREAT SAINTS

We created a half-size eye prosthetic effect for this short film by Ian Roderick Gray and Jawjaw which was then digitally animated to bring it to life. Watch the full film here


Reptoid Hypothesis for TANK Magazine

We were hired by stylist Hamish Wirgman to help create 'dinosaur people' for a fashion story by photographer Boris Camaca. Using moulds kindly lent by Creatures Inc, we cast and applied prosthetics to turn the models reptilian for a day, with additional make-up by Megumi Matsuno. See the full fashion story at TANK Magazine

Dinosaur Creature Special Effects Makeup
Lizard man Prosthetics Makeup Effects
Fantasy Creature Effects Dinosaur Prosthetics Makeup