Secret Theatre for Shakespeare’s Globe

WORKSHOP: SUZI BATTERSBY, Chris fitzpatrick, katy d’cruz

We were hired by the world-famous Shakespeare’s Globe to create a very particular kind of severed head for their Secret Theatre production in 2017. We had to make a silicone prop head for Mary, Queen of Scots to match the actor portraying her but also painted up to imitate Tudor-style make-up, tear-stained from her distress before being executed.

The head was completed with a fantastic wig supplied by Shakespeare’s Globe Wig Department and beautiful eyes supplied by Cantor & Nissel.

severed head.jpeg

Epic Fail for Blinkink


We were hired by filmmaker Greg Barth to create an unusual hollow prop hand gag for his 2017 Vimeo 'Staff Pick' short film Epic Fail. Watch it below!

Epic Fail Handshake Realistic Silicone Body Parts Props
Realistic Silicone Fake Hands
Fake arm prop

BootyLIKEous for PINS


We were hired by multi-disciplinary British artist PINS to construct his sculpture 'BootyLIKEous' for his 2016 exhibition #NoFaceLikePhone held at Gallery Different and DigitasLBi in London.

PINS artist bottom sculpture
Bottom replica sculpture from model's lifecast
Fibreglass bottom prop