Founded by London-based prosthetics artist and propmaker Suzi Battersby, Red Girl was established as an innovative studio with problem-solving at its heart. Practical effects are going through a renaissance and audiences now expect a certain level across all entertainment platforms. Everyone loves to see something onscreen or onstage that is there for real!

Red Girl Character Logo designed by Seville-based artist Anna Jonsson. See more of her work    here

Red Girl Character Logo designed by Seville-based artist Anna Jonsson. See more of her work here

There is huge demand for high quality practical effects in film, television and theatre and there are few better places for it than London as a hub for film, television and theatre production in Europe. For Red Girl too, there is no better time for it as more women are coming forward to take positions of responsibility, seeking to address the imbalance in a male-dominated industry.

While working as a freelancer for leading UK effects companies, Suzi started to be approached directly to create work from her own studio. As demand for her own work grew, she decided to set up Red Girl as one of only a few women-led practical effects companies in the UK, drawing on her own experience working amongst some of the best artists in film, television and theatre.

At Red Girl, we excel at and revel in finding creative solutions, making whatever you need possible.

We have a fresh, personal and hands-on approach delivering top quality creations by bringing together talented and experienced artists and technicians in a forward-thinking and innovative environment. 

Founder + Lead Creative

suzi battersby lifecasting actor

Suzi is an experienced freelance artist and technician specialising in prosthetic make-up, creature effects, prop and puppet making, and sculpture. She has worked in the film and theatre industry for 7 years and has, in that time, forged a strong career as a high-end and versatile maker for many major clients and productions, as well as independent filmmakers, artists, and musicians.

Working both independently and as a freelancer for industry-leading UK effects companies, Suzi has been a part of BAFTA winning and Oscar and Emmy award nominated teams. Her work can be seen on such films as Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant and J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens as well as on TV productions including BBC drama series Holby City and National Geographic's biopic drama series Genius. Suzi has also made props and puppets for major stage productions for Shakespeare's Globe, English National Opera, the Royal Opera House, and on Broadway.

Suzi is currently a member of BAFTA Crew, a professional network and masterclass programme for emerging film talent and was also a finalist in the 2013 World of Wearable Art Awards (WETA Category) held in Wellington, New Zealand for a creature costume entitled 'Puma'. Her piece was then exhibited at the World of Wearable Art and Classic Cars Museum in Nelson, New Zealand in 2014.

See more of Suzi's work at her portfolio website